Industrial pipelines

Your industrial piping specialist

The construction of industrial pipelines is a speciality. It requires the necessary expertise to manufacture pressureless and high-pressure pipelines. Fortunately, Nopek has the necessary experience with different materials such as steel, stainless steel, plastic, aluminium and special steels. Your piping project is therefore in good hands with us. Discover our solutions quickly or make an appointment to discuss your project.

Piping projects from A to Z

Industrial pipelines are our speciality. As piping experts, we offer our customers a total solution, from designing P&IDs to installing the pipelines and maintaining them, together with other metal constructions.


Design of tailor-made technical installations (engineering) for process and utility piping.


Manufacturing of all industrial pipes and assembly at your company by experienced specialists.


Maintenance of the pipe network and renovation of existing installations.

hoge druk pijpleidingen piping


Nopek does piping projects in various sectors, such as:

Water treatment

Why choose Nopek?

Comprehensive knowledge and advice

Metal has no secrets for us. We build pipelines in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium and... You can also come to us for plastic.

  • Carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Non-ferrous (e.g. aluminium)
  • Special metals (e.g. duplex, fireproof steel...)
  • Plastic pipes (HDPE, PP, PVC, PFA, PCDF,...)

Complete solution

With Nopek you have one partner from design to completion:

  • Drawing up P&IDs
  • Piping design
  • Construction drawings or construction CAD models by our own engineering department
  • Prefabrication to reduce downtime
  • On-site installation, including coordination (scaffolding, hoisting...)
  • Verification and validation tests of the installation
  • Compilation of PED and as-built files
  • Follow-up on inspections

But also...

  • 3D scanning of existing installations
  • Welding in accordance with standard EN 1090
  • Internal safety management and quality control - VCA-P certified
  • Fast and reliable support in the event of emergencies (24/7 availability on demand)
  • Ideal base along the E17 between Ghent and Antwerp

Nopek is VCA-P certified and certified according to the EN1090-2 standard.


Frequently asked questions about industrial pipelines

Find answers to frequently asked questions. Do you have a question about our industrial pipelines that is not listed here? Contact us via

Nopek has extensive know-how in the field of industrial pipelines. We have experience with different materials. This allows us to choose the best material for the project.

Inox (stainless steel) or steel is the best solution for piping projects where water, dangerous gases, steam or liquids are transported under high pressure or high temperatures.

For the transport of chemical raw materials, we recommend plastic pipes because of their chemical resistance.

When it comes to the transport of non-chemical raw materials and neutral temperatures, Nopek gives individual advice on material selection for each piping project, if required.

Yes. Nopek has its own study service that supports customers in the preparation of:

  • (3D) construction drawings
  • Highly accurate 3D scanning of existing installations
  • Preparation of PED and as-built files (including as-built 3D model)
  • strength and stability calculations
  • verification and validation tests
  • conceptualisation of customised work (e.g. pressure vessels, digesters, pipe racks, etc.)

The European Pressure Equipment Directive (PED Directive) 2014/68/EU applies to equipment and fixed storage vessels with an overpressure greater than 0.5 bar. Please refer to the current PED guideline.

Nopek has the necessary know-how to design, build, install and maintain installation pipelines in accordance with this legislation.

To create the point cloud we use an RTC360. This is a 360° 3D scanner from Leica Geosystems. This scanner is one of the fastest and most accurate industrial 360° 3D scanners. This allows us to quickly obtain a 3D image of the current situation. Especially in places where there are already existing pipes and tubes, the use of 3D scanning is a great advantage.

The point cloud from the 3D scanner is then loaded into Solidworks. Then the new structure can be designed in this software with the point cloud as reference. With this way of working, we create maximum design freedom and security. Due to the high accuracy of the RTC360 and the possibility of clash detection, we guarantee that the new pipeline design fits within the current situation.

Existing drawings certainly add value to the design phase. Depending on the file type, these can be used as references in CAD software. If the existing 3D drawing does not correspond to the actual situation, some measurements or scans will still have to be made.

In order to carry out the installation as efficiently and ergonomically as possible, Nopek developed its own tube rollers, which ensure that long, heavy tubes can be installed without problems in places that are not accessible with, for example, a tower crane.

Yes, with our own study service we are able to make and process the 3D scans ourselves, along with designing many different projects, both for piping and construction applications.

Certainly, Nopek possesses the necessary know-how to carry out installation piping according to the European PED directive.

The lead time depends on the scope of the project and varies from a few days to several months.

Nopek has a large number of qualified welders who are qualified according to EN ISO 9606 as well as ASME IX within very diverse application areas.

Nopek is known for its flexibility and will always ensure that unforeseen customer circumstances are resolved correctly and completely. This can be done on a directional basis as well as on a flat rate basis.

Nopek is certified for construction work in accordance with EN 1090-2 to EXC2.

In addition, Nopek also has a safety management system according to VCA-P (VCA Petrochemical Certificate).

Nopek has the know-how to manufacture pressure vessels and installation piping according to the PED legislation and to carry out NDT inspections in its own workshop.


Nopek has an electronic material certificate management. Certificates are requested for each delivery, compared with the material received and stored electronically.

In the further production process, the material is fully traceable thanks to the over-stamping of the used materials by means of plasma engraving or pin engraving.

We have an internal safety management and quality control system. Our welds can be controlled in various ways (in-house or through close cooperation with external partners):

  • Visual examination
  • Penetrante controle (penetrant test of kleurstofcontrole)
  • Hydrotest or water pressure test
  • Tape test
  • Roughness value measurement
  • Ultrasonic control
  • Magnetic testing
  • Radiological control (X-ray)
  • TOFD (time of flight diffraction)
  • Heliumtest