Maintenance works

Keep your installations in top shape

Naturally, you want your industrial pipes, pressure vessels, storage tanks and other metal structures to stay in top shape, preferably with minimal downtime.

For this, our customers can rely on a comprehensive maintenance service. We not only carry out preventive inspections, but also take care of the maintenance and possible repairs of pipelines and metal constructions. This way, you will not have to deal with unexpected problems that cost a lot of time and money.

Choose a maintenance plan to be totally comfortable. At agreed times, our craftsmen come by for a thorough check-up of the installation.

Emergency repairs

Is there a sudden defect? Even for quick interventions, our team is ready. Our head office on the E17 between Ghent and Antwerp is the ideal base to be on location quickly. This way, your installation is quickly ready for use again.


onderhoud laswerken metaalconstructie


We maintain piping installations and metal constructions in various sectors, for example:

Water treatment

Why choose Nopek?

  • Fast support in case of problems (24/7 availability on demand)
  • VCA-P certified company
  • Diverse maintenance team with welders, pipefitters and mechanics
  • Maintenance work according to the applicable standards (e.g. EN 1090)


Find answers to frequently asked questions. Do you have a question about maintenance and repairs that is not listed here? Contact us via

Our welders hold the necessary qualifications for TIG, MIG and electrode welding
Our staff undergoes continuous in-house training and has the latest knowledge of working with various types of metal and plastic.

To minimise production downtime, our crews are available on call 24/7 and we always provide a fast, tailored service.

In case of planned shutdowns, we work with detailed work preparation and detailed planning of the shutdown. Overhaul work and rapid prefabrication of parts are carried out in our own workshop.

The shutdown is always carried out by competent professionals under the direction of experienced project managers.

If applicable, a complete and elaborate quality manual is drawn up with the necessary certificates.

Nopek is certified for construction work in accordance with EN 1090-2 to EXC2.

In addition, Nopek also has a safety management system according to VCA-P (VCA Petrochemical Certificate).

Nopek also has the know-how to carry out pressure vessels and installation piping according to the PED legislation and to carry out NDT inspections in its own workshop.


Nopek has an electronic material certificate management: for each delivery, certificates are requested, compared with the received material and electronically stored.

In the further production process, the material is fully traceable thanks to the over-stamping of the used materials by means of plasma engraving or pin engraving.

We have an internal safety management and quality control system. Our welds can be controlled in various ways (in-house or through close cooperation with external partners):

  • Visual examination
  • Penetrante controle (penetrant test of kleurstofcontrole)
  • Hydrotest or water pressure test
  • Tape test
  • Roughness value measurement
  • Ultrasonic control
  • Magnetic testing
  • Radiological control (X-ray)
  • TOFD (time of flight diffraction)
  • Heliumtest