The specialist in industrial pipes and other metal constructions

Bespoke metalworking

Nopek is a metalworking company that provides customised work for customers in the (petro)chemical, pharmaceutical, water purification and other sectors. With us, you get a complete solution, from design to construction and maintenance. Find out how we can help your business:


For a specialist in industrial piping, look no further. We have more than 20 years of experience in piping projects. You can rely on us for the design and construction of pipelines for water, gas, CO2, ammonia and other (liquid) substances. We also take care of the maintenance.

Metal constructions

Do you need a construction company for pipe racks, heat exchangers, pressure vessels, storage tanks, silos or other metal constructions? Our craftsmen are ready for you. Thanks to our customised work, we can optimally meet your needs, and yes, both piecework and serial work are possible.


Production that stands still costs a lot of money. That is what makes (preventive) maintenance so important. As a metalworking company, we provide a regular service to keep your installations in top shape, and quick repairs in case of emergency.